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      Although Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4edu) is a relatively young company, it has been offering its services in an
      effective and professional manner as it seeks sustainability.
      The Company achieved significant accomplishments in 2015 that included training of more than 30,000 teachers, supervisors and
      school leaders. Additionally, more than 385,000 students benefited from its programs and projects.
      In terms of technological projects, T4edu conducted more than 11,000 e-lessons and produced in excess of 1,100 types of digital
      What made 2015 special for T4edu was the transition towards focusing on e-learning where it launched in collaboration with the
      Ministry of Education a variety of platforms and educational websites. These websites and platforms provide online textbooks for
      all academic levels, lessons addressing students’ needs, explanations of difficult concepts, and training courses for teachers to
      enhance their interactive pedagogical approaches and skills.
      One of T4edu‘s major e-learning achievements has been providing its services in the Southern Border Regions to ensure they are
      able to continue their regular education, regardless of any disruptions that may arise.
      T4edu produced 600 e-lessons for «iEN» TV channels, and presented 50 e-training courses in addition to 7000 virtual lessons for
      students as well as developing a specialized portal for virtual schools.
      T4edu will continue its commitment to implement the K-12 national strategy.

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