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Our Vision

To be a leading company in the development of public education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond, providing innovative
solutions that enable children and youth to access optimal education and achieve desired success in the 21st century.

Our Values:

Tatweer Company for Educational Services is committed to a set of values in its performance and relationship with its partners
and stakeholders. These values are represented in the following:

		1.	Impact:

			    We are working to make a real impact on students’ learning and we seek to improve the educational process in		

			    accordance with specific evidence.

		2.	Professionalism:

			    We guarantee design and implementation through clear quality standards based on field feedback and measurement

			of customer satisfaction.

		3.	Communication:
			We effectively communicate with our clients and partners during implementation.

	 	 4.	Sustainability:
			We offer products and services that are subject to implementation and marketable internally and externally.

		5.	  Group Work:
			    We work with clients in a team spirit, and we build on our joint efforts.

		6.	Transparency:

			    All our processes and procedures are subject to accountability and their quality and efficiency are subject to


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