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 Our country‘s wise leadership realize the significance of education and its major role in achieving national development and
 making the Kingdom on a par with developed countries. They believed that through investing in education, the country can
 develop the capacity and capability of Saudis. Hence, education, along with all its organizations, has received unlimited support
 to create an integrated educational environment in terms of provision of qualified teachers, development of curricula that are
 appropriate to diversified educational levels, and establishment of state-of-the art schools in line with high-quality educational
 standards in pursuit to reach the desired outcomes.
 In the Kingdom, there are more than half a million teachers, in addition to more than five million students. This motivates the
 Ministry of Education to shoulder huge responsibilities and substantial duties towards such a vast population. This also inspires
 the educational leadership in the Kingdom to complete the educational development journey based on a profound and effective
 vision. This can be achieved through utilizing advanced educational systems, that are reviewed and adjusted according to our
 Islamic beliefs and human values. Hence, we can keep up with the products of Knowledge Age, and rise to the challenges in a
 way that meets the accelerated educational needs and be up to a level that goes hand in hand with the prestigious status of the
 Kingdom in the world.
 In this sense, Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4edu) was established to actively and effectively achieve the Strategy
 of Public Education Development, adopted by the Ministry of Education. In light of that, all possible potentials and energies have
 been devoted to achieve the aforesaid goals. Thus, T4edu was able to make enormous progress and move forward with firm steps
 towards this framework, which can be acknowledged in the T4edu’s annual report for 2015.
 We pray to Allah to bless our accomplishments, and we hope our efforts pay off, and may Allah Almighty guide us to prosperity.

 Dr. Ahmad Al-Eisa

                      Dr. Ahmad Al-Eisa

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