Persons with disabilities have the same rights as all other persons. They constitute an important component of society. The special education program designed by T4edu is concerned with providing effective solutions for rehabilitation and inclusion, through advocacy efforts directed at changing attitudes and practices to eliminate discrimination and promote respect and understanding of the needs and capacities. Prepare and support them for the integration into mainstream schools. Also, prepare the school to accommodate special education students. As well as prepare them for the labor market by laying the foundations, controls, standards, requirements, mechanisms, and procedures through highly qualified competencies.

Our Services

  • Develop special needs-related policies to identify and classify students with disabilities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the special needs-related policies in the identification and classification of each target group.
  • Develop scientific tools to identify and evaluate students with disabilities.
  • Raise awareness and develop policies and frameworks to include mentally and physically students' challenges in public education.
  • Provide equal enrollment opportunities for all students with special needs at public schools regardless of gender, social background, geographical location, or the nature of their special needs.
  • Provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of gifted and creative students.
  • Implement school support systems that protect students prone to risks.
  • Provide other alternative opportunities for lifelong learning to those who are outside the educational system or who have not attended school.