This program translates our national role and vision towards adopting the best practices of sustainability and corporate nationalization. We move forward through the culture of giving in the Saudi society and to realize the strategic objective of Vision (2030) at its third level, "Promoting corporate social responsibility". In our efforts towards social responsibility, we focus on ethical principles and good governance, and we are keen to highlight our commitment towards our employees and relevant educational and community sectors and to empower the non-profit sector to invest in the educational community. We are also working on creating integrated educational solutions and investing in in-service education through our expertise and technologies to positively impact individuals, society, and the environment.

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تأهلت التعليمية - ولله الحمد- ضمن أفضل المتقدمين للمرحلة الثانية والأخيرة في جائزة الملك خالد فرع التنافسية المسؤولة. وتسعد الشركة باستقبال فريق الزيارة الميدانية من مؤسسة الملك خالد ومؤسسة أكاونبيليتي ( منظمة دولية رائدة في مجال التنافسية المسؤولة) في مقر الشركة يوم الاحد ٥ أغسطس ٢٠١٨م.