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This report summarizes the most important achievements of T4EDU in 2014, including projects and programs that followed the National Strategy
for Public Education Development. Based on the strategy, the work on school development has reached out to 900 schools, located in 45 district offic-
es across Saudi Arabia. The support for capacity building has been imbedded to affect change and ensure sustainability through training over 60,279
teachers, supervisors, and school leaders; and developing 29 training packages for more than 39,556 users. At the student level, 123,000 students
benefited from the services offered by the science centers, received training on the 21st century skills, and participated in school sports, and so on.
At the extracurricular activities level, the number of school clubs reached over 400 across the country with over 208,000 visitors and participants,
including parents and students. This report is an executive summary of the achievements and growth potential of T4EDU, followed by a general
.overview about the National Strategy for Public Education Development and short presentations about some projects and programs

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