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Message from the Chairman

Praise be to Allah alone, and Peace and Blessings be upon His last Prophet.
Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4EDU) was keen to implement its approved operational plan for 2014, based on input from a number of key sources
such as the National Strategy for Public Education Development. The educational projects and programs of this important strategy are reflected through the implemen-
tation of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Project for the Development of Public Education (Tatweer).

T4EDU has implemented many projects and programs successfully this year. This report will elaborate on such achievements to show how the vision of the company
will be realized “to become a leading company in the field of educational development in Saudi Arabia and other countries, and to be a provider of innovative
solutions that enable children and the youth to acquire high quality education in the 21st century.” This vision also takes into account the T4EDU values stressing
the importance of overall positive impact, perfectionism, communication, sustainability, collaborative work, and growth.

Hinging on the National Strategy for Public Education Development, and the ability to affect positive change, remain focused, and build internal capacity; T4EDU
general scope of work has a major role on shaping its projects and programs, pursuing its vision, and embracing its values and basic principles.

The number of programs implemented by T4EDU reached 36 in 2014, out of which 31 programs were started in 2013 while the remaining 5 are new ones. These
programs were divided into five divisions: School Development; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM); English Language Teaching Development
Initiative (ELTDI); ICT and E-Learning Solutions; Content Development, Standards, and Evaluation; Extracurricular Activities and Students Support; Career Path;
and Other Support Programs.
It is worth noting that those who have benefited from the implemented programs and initiatives include: 123,630 students; 53,065 teachers and supervisors; 7,214
school leaders and trainers; 900 schools; and 208,000 participants in 400 school clubs. Additionally, a total of 29 training packages have been developed for these

This report talks about T4EDU approved projects and programs along with the 2014 operational plan. It also sheds light on what deliverables have been implemented

and their target segments. In conclusion, I hope that the year of 2015 will be full of successes and achievements, that challenges will be dealt with, and that we

achieve our goals in building capacity and developing professional expertise in education.

DR. KAHLED ALSABTI                                                                          1
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