T4edu seeks to be a trailblazer domestically and regionally, in providing distinguished and diversified advisory services with credibility, transparency, and commitment to work ethics. Contributing to develop the educational community, achieving sustainable development, and transferring knowledge, through tapping into the company's human and material capabilities and its strategic partnerships with local and global expertise houses.

Our Services

  • Conducts surveys, evaluation studies, and, research in all different fields of education.
  • Provides services in preparing scientific research, status quo studies, and analyzing the scopes and strategies related to education.
  • Studies the educational market to encourage investment in education.
  • Provides feasibility studies to investors in education to enable them make appropriate decisions.

Our Work

T4edu gives more focused attention to realizing the objectives of partners and customers with high quality and appropriate costs. The chain of service provision begins by defining accurately the client's objectives and needs, then determining the appropriate work methodologies. T4edu in cooperation with several specialized consulting companies has been developed a set of methodologies to match the nature of educational and organizational projects related to logistical services. Afterward, it starts a continuous assessment process to check the extent of success of these methodologies.

This will be done by professional teamwork of projects managers specialized in this field and commanded with up-to-date tools and programs from Microsoft EPM.