T4edu focuses on managing students’ activity and community per the Kingdom's 2030 vision, which includes (a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation). Therefore, build a set of recreational, student, and youth activities inside the school, after school and, in summer vacation, taking into account the students' growth and needs. It enhances values, develops skills, enriches knowledge, creates trends, and encourages creativity and interest in arts, sports, and health because the activity is an important part of the overall educational process.

Our Services

  • Builds school capacities to develop student activities.
  • Develops specialized school-to-career programs that help students develop the skills needed for the competitive job market.
  • Provides innovative opportunities for students to practice activities that suit their interests.
  • Strengthens the capabilities of educational and non-educational staff through innovative professional development programs.
  • Raises awareness and educates the public about the most common problems in life.