Scientific Center is an educational facility that uses effective methods to teach students to cope with the rapidly changing technological environment, and empower them by improving their life skills. Hence, T4edu facilitates this vision by building a unique set of advanced and attractive scientific centers. It links formal and informal education through STEM learning methodology, where teaching and learning programs, events, and activities are designed and practiced in compliance with the state-of-the-art standards to support and achieve the educational objectives. The target audience is all students of general education, universities, technical and vocational students, educators, and all those with scientific talents from all segments of society.

Our Services

  • Establishment of scientific centers.
  • Equips the science halls (interactive exhibits).
  • Equips and operates school STEM centers and develops the required scientific content per the Next Generation Science Learning Standards (NGSS), and science curricula in general education.
  • Equips and operates both the mobile science centers and the fixed science centers.